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About Our Hostel

Experience the magic of Machalilla at Hostería del Parque, where nature connects you.

Discover Hostería del Parque, an exclusive retreat in Manabí, just 10 minutes from Puerto López. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Playa de los Frailes and connect with nature. Enjoy the exquisite gastronomy and live unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

A little about us

Tourism & Entertainment

Hostería del Parque is a gateway to one of the most charming areas in the world, where you can enjoy nature, paradisiacal beaches and adventure.


The chirping of the birds, the murmur of the waves, the sunset reflected in the sea or the sunrise with the best of aromas, are some of the gifts that will make your visit a much more than special stay.

Enjoy our gardens, watch different types of birds, go snorkelling, diving, whale watching and experience the most spectacular sunsets from our lookout point.


Social Projects

If you have a project that can help the socio-demographic development of the parish, please contact us so that we can work as a team.

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Beach, nature and comfort await you! Book now at the Hostería del Parque.

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